For FW23, Anne Isabella draws inspiration from the natural kaleidoscope of shells and fossils, the spiraling forms and rhythmic pigmentations, to further her exploration of optics and illusions. Through print, texture, and process, the dynamics of time and its—perfectly, imperfect—effects on these natural symmetries and palettes are captured.  

Body-skimming knits, which through woven strips of recycled polyester mimic the latticed decay of shells, and ruched denim dresses consider the poetic repetition of visual and haptic illusions omnipresent in nature. Elsewhere, the embodied silhouettes of Anne Isabella’s signature shimmering body suits and, newly introduced, lace dresses are subtly moved into a textural dimension through the addition of ruffled ammonite spirals. 

And, as in nature, there is an element of the unexpected, of chance, embraced in discordant harmonies of texture and print: pinks and reds interweave familiar, warped earth-toned stripes; smooth metallics and shell-striped prints are gently fractured by craquelure. Similarly, the streamline tailoring of laser-cut denim suiting is offset by lightly grained, haphazard punctures to the fabric. 

Finally, this season sees the introduction of footwear with two go-go style boots—in contrasting faux python print and a metallic-cowboy style—to complete the modish 70s and 80s silhouettes.   

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