SS23 Gleam

While preparing for her fifth collection, Anne Isabella found herself admiring Julio Le Parc and Francisco Sobrino, art world pioneers whose work features geometrical forms and three-dimensional constructions that play with reflection, light, and transparency. This inspiration guides the collection as seen in modish pieces that play with form and dimension.

Repetition, optical illusion, and instability of vision are consistent focuses for Anne Isabella—the knowledge that some things require a double take. For SS23, she guides the eye with body-skimming silhouettes, psychedelic graphics, and deconstructed knitwear that begs for a closer look.

With notes of subtle femininity, nostalgia remains an undercurrent with themes of the space age demonstrated through kaleidoscopic knitwear, while a past-meets-future skirt set plays with shadow and repetition. Throughout the collection, movement is embraced through shape and graphics.

Finally, this season marks a first foray into jewelry through a collaboration with designer Inger Grubbe. The pair developed beaded earrings inspired by the stripes seen in Le Parc and
Sobrino’s sculpture work.


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