Spring Summer 2021 Campaign

The Spring Summer 2021 collection reinterprets vintage references from the 60s and 70s, giving them a rejuvenating, quirky twist. Based on archetype garments, optical prints are engineered to each style, creating a playful aesthetic. Influenced by surrealism and art nouveaux, the prints create a sense of illusion. 

The social and environmental impact of the collection was  an important consideration in the production process and the selection of materials. All garments are therefore either upcycled or primarily use GOTS certified materials - from the fabric through to the fusing and even buttons.

Campaign Credits:

Photography: Cecilie Lindergaard, Styling: Karo Rose, Model: Annabell Haef, Cissel Dubbick, Yuan Lu - Make-up: Victoria Reuter, Hair: Wataru Suzuki, Team: Cissel Dubbick, Max George-Wagner, Anne Isabella Rasmussen

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